About St James' Church

St James and the community

Not only is St. James’ a historic parish church, it is the civic church of Louth. It is a place of inSpiration for local people and many visitors to the town during the year. As the largest building in Louth (it can seat up to 600 people), apart from being a place of Christian worship, it hosts concerts, exhibitions and other events from ‘Party in the Pews’ to Pancake Races to Flower Festivals. From Easter to Christmas the Coffee Shop and the Friends of St James Gift shop are open from Monday to Saturday. St James is very much a place for all the community to use - sometimes for events, but often for individuals to find a few moments of quiet to get away from mobile phones and wi-fi and have time to think. We welcome visitors from all over the world and hope they go away with a memory of the friendliness of Louth and St James in their hearts.