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Inside St James' church
  • View in the tower looking up, grotesque's and sheep can be seen carved into the stone work of each corner

  • The chancel, that sits below the magnificent stainglass east window dipicting scenes from the New Testament

  • The image of James Fowler carved in to the end arm rests of the pews, a typical trademark of his work

  • The magnificent west window

  • One of the four stone carved sheep that sit in each corner at the top of the inside tower

  • The ceiling of the magnificent tower, at 86ft high the Sunburst an emblem of Edward IV

  • The view from the tower down the nave

  • Wood work of the 12 Apostles carved into the pulpit by T.EW. Wallis

  • An outside view of St James' church

  • The great west window

  • One of many beautiful angles on the roof above the Nave

  • One of the many grotesques and grgoyles in the brick work of St James